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Building Information Modeling Masterclass

BIM Professionals 3-day (or 2-day) Masterclass on Tuesday 9th October to Thursday 11th October at Palms Hotel, Quatre Bornes

The Green Building Council Mauritius jointly with the BIM Academy Africa is pleased to bring to you a 3-day (or 2-day) Building Information Modelling (BIM) Masterclass, an accredited multidisciplinary course through BIM Academy, South Africa, endorsed by White Frog, the award winning company for the RICS BIM4SME and highly recommended RISE award winner.


Understanding of the key drivers and requirements, needed for implementing BIM, provides great career opportunities for you and diverse benefits for your company. BIM helps to save up to 20% in the capital costs of construction through improved predictability, capability and efficient management of the built facility as well as saves both money and carbon by cutting out wasteful activities and making more informed decisions at the right time.


Gain the fundamental knowledge to implement BIM in your business. Learn to apply information structures and classifications systems in context, and how to tailor the implementation plan to the scale and budget of your business.


The primary goal of this masterclass is to empower all relevant key players in a construction project with the knowledge required to make informed BIM decisions, implement an effective BIM execution plan, use Navisworks and Revit applications and use of reality capture and 3D scanning.  Delegates will gain insight into the coordination of different software applicable in BIM, with some practical demonstrations during the training elaborating on which tools are best applicable for different disciplines. On the third day, delegates will gain insight into the opportunities of practical application of 3D scanning hardware and software applicable in different environments, and shall be able to see a 3D scanner in action.


The course is designed for building industry professionals, contractors, client, design, estimating and construction organisations and will improve their understanding of how to plan and implement a BIM process for the benefit of a project with and including an understanding of the BIM softwares, reality capture and 3D scanning.


Benefits of attending: 

·         Become a BIM Accredited Professional

·         Gaining an understanding of the current global BIM Standards

·         Discussing the benefits of BIM on a Project

·         Learning how to implement a BIM plan

·         Identifying different types of BIM software available

·         Evaluating new 3rd party technology invented for BIM applications

·         Discussing the coordination of different disciplines involved in a construction project

·         Understand the BIM Contract Conditions Documentation

·         Technical discussion on updating information models using different tools (Revit, Navisworks, ReCap, BlueBeam)

·         Marrying ISO, Revit and Naviworks standards for BIM

·         Understanding the use of 3D design in BIM

·         Gaining insight into the opportunities of 3D modelling and 3D Scanning

·         Implementing an effective 3D Point Cloud Scanning Process using a 3D scanner


Module Options:

Module 1 – Understanding the Principles of Building Information Modelling

Module 2 – Applying BIM in all phases of design (BIM Deployment)

Module 3 – Applying BIM software in the field (Reality Capture and 3D Scanning)


The MQA approved course has been developed specifically to aid understanding of the challenges and benefits of implementing BIM in an African context.

BIM is quickly gaining popularity, already adopted in 37 countries as the preferred method of project delivery. 

The course is a prerequisite for an online assessment to become a certified professional in BIM.

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2 Modules - Rs 18,000 (Members) / Rs 24,000 (Non-members)

3 Modules – Rs 22,000 (Members) / Rs 30,000 (Non-members)


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